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After many years of adventures I just came across FoxyTasks.com

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Why I appreciate FoxyTasks? So, tasks are presented in simple and colourful way. Red one means

delay, the green one – we still have time, and the yellow one - deadline is coming. This is really cool as

we have the possibility to create labels and thanks to them arrange and search tasks that we are

interested in. Project Dashboard – you can see all your active projects in one place. There’s also an

access to the budget. You can easily check if everything is on schedule or beyond control. My favourite


You can add large size attachments, just make a direct link to those files. Spreadsheet and google text

editor in every task – couldn’t be better. Customer service – can be compared to those of Zappos or

Amazon. Free trial – check out before you start to brandish your credit card – but watch out as you will

get addicted to it as to some good perfumes. Good quality price ratio - currently this best in the market.

Nevertheless, the mobile app is not so developed (there’s a simple one that gives you the possibility to

check your projects and flick them through) if this option is your must have you need to push your Mac

software developers.