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Works as advertised. Main cons: Outdated UI and nagging popup to register for a free account (as in enter your name and email address) to access more features.


Phototheca / FotoAlbum

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I have been using FotoAlbum for years, so my opinion is certainly biased. I tried to do a quick comparison between FotoAlbum, Phototheca and JetPhoto. I confess I have been unable to use JetPhoto, so that I have no opinion about it apart from the point that the first steps are less than obvious to me. Phototheca and FotoAlbum are close: free and paid versions, both use a library to which you must first import your images... The advantages of Phototheca are cosmetic, but cosmetics are important for photos! I don't know why, but all FotoAlbum themes are light, and I prefer a dark background to see my photos. Apart from that, I feel that FotoAlbum has much more features than Phototheca in the free versions, especially in the tagging features, but also in the fields which can be used to create a smart album. This is not an in depth analysis, as I did not create a comprehensive list of features to compare these softwares.

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