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Not free anymore just by be free. It comes with garbage database files from Baidu extracted in documents at the time it finish installing, even when unchecked all the PUP options.


Great Format Converter!

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Simple, fast, great UI! It supports many different kinds of conversions. You should give it a try.


MalwareBytes flags "PUP.Optional.APNToolbar"

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From the Installer Terms:

The installation package contains Chinese User)and Toolbar, If you uncheck installation options. They will not affect your computer.

On running the installer, MalwareBytes flagged "PUP.Optional.APNToolbar"

APN is "Ask Partner Network." More details from their site:

Part of IAC's Search & Applications division and a sister company to, APN has been a leader in distributed search for a decade, bringing monetization solutions to software developers and helping our partners grow and engage with their traffic. We bring the industry's deepest experience, providing custom search integrations and user engagement tools and offering creative custom solutions to meet our partners' needs. No matter how unique a search requirement, we make it happen. And our capabilities don't stop at the desktop—we provide unique, high monetizing mobile solutions, too.

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I am just commenting here to say that it no more installs any crapware like that. I have Malwarebyte Antimalware Pro shield, that catches such things and there no such problem. The only thing you will get nad need to untick, is an offer to install Avast Free Antivirus.

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It crash my firefox by installing 3 plugin, now I can't visit certain websites and lost all of my webpage history! Don't use this app!


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Multi Thread encoding, fastter than Xmedia Recode, nice GUI. I used to use XMedia Recode but now i prefer Format Factory.

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My Most Favourite Media Converter, it converts every media easily


Some quick thoughts.

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I have been using this for about 8 years now and I can say that it used to be a mediocre multiformat converted, that grew to an awesome one. it used to have Opencandy packed along, but now you only get offers that do not inject stealthily anything. The only current offer is for Avast Free Antivirus, which I have seen a couple of programs offer and I find it amusing, mostly because that is the top choice of many users already. You until that offer and on the first launch, make sure to also untick the options that installs some extra tools. Except of course if you want these tools, but personally I just want the converter from that developer.

Amongst many easy converters, this seems to be the best if you ask me. Freemake seems to be more popular, but only the fact that Freemake adds at the beginning and end of the videos it converts, a 3 second watermark, instantly makes Freemake something I do not care for.

The most important feature it has, is that it is user friendly. It offers easy conversion and has a handful of quality profiles, giving it's user an easy way to control the quality of the output, without them having to alter any options that they might not understand. It also supports copying the source as is, so if you have a video with low quality sound, you are not forced to re-encode both video and audio, making the output audio worse, but keep it as is.

It can utilize all your threads, which means your CPU will be working at 95% or so, leaving a bit free, only so your PC will not become unresponsive if you want to surf or do other things while it converts. If you encode more than one video, it will share your CPU threads amongst them, converting at the same time multiple files.

The only negative that I can think of, is that with video files that have decoding problems, you will not be able to encode them with this. When I say that, I mean if you have a video for example that when you play it with a normal player and it gives weird artifacts, it will sadly re-encode the video with them, resulting in a bad output. VLC usually is my only option for these kind of videos, since it can play any video format without any problems. Amusingly enough, Freemake actually seems to be using under the hood, the same decoding as VLC, since the result videos come out perfect, but like I mentioned, since it adds watermarks, that is not an option for me.

Now, if we do not count those rare problematic video files, this is definitely the best option for casual users, that do not care to know how to change options and whatnot. Great user friendly converter that I highly recommend.


Messes with Windows Explorer

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Other users have warned about the toolbars that the installer tries installing, but there seems to be other (possibly malicious?) things as well. After installing (and even after uninstalling) Format Factory, Windows Explorer (the file explorer for Windows) is extremely slow to respond and it seems to have noticeable effects on other Windows-related actions as well.

Some examples of what it does:

  • Opening Windows Explorer takes several (sometimes more than 15) seconds, this includes opening folders from someplace like the Desktop.
  • Navigation between folders takes 2-3 seconds.
  • Performing 'Open' or 'Save' from a browser will take very long for their respective windows to appear (sometimes more than 30 seconds) and will drastically increase CPU usage while it waits.
  • Right-clicking a file takes slightly longer for the context menu to appear.
  • Clicking 'Properties' in the right-click context menu will take several seconds for it to open.

Basically, anything to do with Windows Explorer will take several seconds to open, be slow to use, and will freeze a lot.

I've somewhat confirmed that this isn't a fluke by installing and uninstalling on two different computers computers (a Dell and a Gateway) with two different versions of Windows 7 (Home Premium and Professional). At first I wasn't exactly sure which program was causing it, so I did a clean Windows install and then slowly (over the matter of weeks) installed one program from my collection at a time. As soon as I installed Format Factory, it happened again.

It should be noted, however, that this seems to be profile-independent. If you have two profiles, for example, only the profile that you install Format Factory on is affected (even if you have "install for all users" selected). You can delete the affected profile, make a new one, and that new one won't have the problems. I used this knowledge and tested it a few more times by creating a new profile and installing just Format Factory on it; every time it would cause the problems to begin on that profile (further confirming that the program was the cause).

None of the antivirus and antimalware programs I've scanned with have ever detected anything, so I'm not exactly sure what to make of it. It seems that the program (perhaps unintentionally?) messes with a file/registry value/etc. related to Explorer.

It's unfortunate given that this is definitely my favorite media converter (since it does absolutely everything in one program), but I won't be installing this again unless I absolutely need it (and even then, I might do it in a VM to prevent messing up my computer again).

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overall opinion

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This program is only intended for the newbie, because the settings are limited, but overall this is very good, its an all in one companion for converting digital media, but remember this program is ' adware '