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Even though ForkLift is currently in its version 5+, it's still very buggy.

Since I bought it, I've had issues with Sync (which was one of the main reasons to acquire it), manually copying files to the cloud (Drive for example), and other minor annoying things like an app opening the location of a file but ForkLift only opening in the default directory.

Upon contacting with support, several times, they told me (someone named Bam) those issues were known and that I should change the app's settings to only 2 simultaneous file transfers which is like having a snail moving files:

enter image description here

And still, the Sync feature of the app won't work.

Customer support on itself was quick to respond, but not very amicable or informative.

If ForkLift were what they advertise on their website, it'd be a great app. Sadly it's not. It has the clear signs of an application still not ready for the market.

I regret buying ForkLift.

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