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Lightweight, powerful, efficient, handy.

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The best player for Windows platform. Too bad there is no Linux version and it's still closed-source.

The GUI is perfect: simple, with tabs, no bullshit library with extra useless artworks.

Lots of plug-ins available which supports reading files in archives (rar, zip, etc!).

A must have!


I prefer to have a nice view of the Album art though


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It's fast, it's lightweight and includes a lot of nifty functionality like ripping a CD or converting from wav to flac etc.


Divisive... like any powerful tool.

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foobar2000 is [ wonderful / terrible ] because its [ spartan | outdated ] interface and [ versatile | obscure ] functionality are miles [ ahead | behind ] anything else available for Windows.

It's possibly best to think of foobar2000 as a sort of server rack that happens to come pre-assembled with some standard components. You can open the box, stand it up, plug it in, turn on the master switch, and play back common music files in a basic playlist. It will not impress anyone, but then again, server racks generally aren't meant to.

On the other hand, you can dig into the components that are included, assemble them as desired, and fine-tune them in ways that no other music player can lay claim to. This still won't impress anyone just looking for another iTunes or Winamp clone, but if you want to bridge all sorts of functionality that no other single system can manage, visual aesthetics aren't the priority anyhow. (Heck, if you're like me, you just might prefer the understated, resource-light look instead of all those Playskool busy-boxes out there. There's my bias, and I'll own it.)

With foobar2000 and third-party components, I've been able to:

  • freely explore hundreds of videogame music data formats,
  • play back files from basically the entire history of sound encoding, lossless and lossy both,
  • set up a UPnP service to make my organised music library browsable and playable on any system on my network, including my Xbox 360 (back when I used it),
  • mass-edit file tags,
  • install plugins to alter the sound to work best with various output configurations, from the most basic stereo headphone playback all the way to full 5.1 surround effects, and
  • fill a playlist with original Nintendo game music data files, equalise their volume, add a hint of stereo reverb, grab accurate tag information, and render it all to lossless audio files stored in a logical directory structure on a networked system, simultaneously registering them in my music library so I can browse through them and listenm them them remotely via a compressed stream.... all within minutes, and fully automated (save for desired confirmation dialogs, natch).

That having been said, there are negatives:

  • The core program code is closed. This is the same evolutionary dead-end that's killed so many other programs in the same space.
  • The developers have an unnatural love of undocumented proprietary formats for configuration and playlists. The stated reason is to keep developers of third-party components from not bothering to comply with the unified configuration UI, but all it's done is force workarounds and prevent advanced troubleshooting.
  • As the program evolved toward version one-point-zero (it's at v1.3.15 as of this writing) the internals changed dramatically, meaning a whole slew of old plugins stopped working in part or in full because their developers never went back to update them.
  • Visualisations come in two flavours: exceedingly basic, or dubiously bridged via an unstable Winamp plugin bridge that hasn't been updated since before Windows 7 came out.

The long and short is this: If you just want something simple and glossy that'll play your haphazard MP3 library, foobar2000 isn't what you're looking for. If you want something that can be (mostly) bent to your will and sculpted into a personalised music conversion-and-playback powerhouse, the effort in setting all that up will be rewarded in full.

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pure cancer

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Foobar2000 is arguably the best music player on any platform.

The GUI is hideous, it can be made slightly less hideous with arduous tweaking. There used to be plugins to do literally anything, but those no longer work. It used to be possible to instantly search though all the lyrics in your library, but the developer decided that was not cool, so they removed it. To enable that requires some obscure hacks that I cannot find anymore.

The source code is closed, and the developer, being a moron, makes idiotic decisions.

Good programs like this are a cancer, they stifle innovation because nobody wants to write the whole damn thing from scratch, and they block the possibility for incremental improvement because nobody can fork or contribute to the project.


You do know you can load skins, there are hundreds of them too, from or for example, and all the plugins I uploaded work, so I think it's your problem really.

Most of those skins depend on the Panels UI component which has not been supported for years. If you only use older versions of Foobar2000, then some things can be better.

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I love Foobar for its HIGHLY customization that iTunes or Windows Mierdas Player did not give to me. I mean, why I want a lot of sections on a MP3 player. What I can do with Foobar it is:

-having the MP3 playing and the lyrics at the same time without clicking on properties;
-edit the IDTAG of the MP3 directly from the player as previous, and I do that a lot;
-having all the sections i want in a single window with tabs so I go faster to my destination;
-adding all kinds of metadata, live, language, mood (at night, morning mood...) whatever you use;
-organize my library by Genre, Style, even Mood or Language, if you like that kind of thing and LOVE music Foobar is for you.

The only thing is that to have a full experience you can not be a beginner on Google search or PC, etc., you must have a little experience on both. The only thing I know is that when I discovered Foobar I uninstalled iTunes and even Windows Mierdas Player from my PC saving me a lot of hard disk space and headaches because iTunes crashed a lot and Windows Mierdas Player almost every week had to search again my library.

To close this review in my opinion if you like heavy interfaces and beauty ones Foobar is not for you. > With Foobar the simple the better.

My custimozed Foobar

Tabs section


Install the ColumnsUI component otherwise the UI is awful

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ColumnsUI is available here:

I only found out about this more or less by chance - frustration at the awful UI so browsing the extra components list - but really this should be the default UI.


great software

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If you want to make sure your flac's are real this program works. You can open the spectrogram full screen. You can change the colors. And everything. I just realized everything I'm typing is useless and it's late. actually early. like 4 AM. course I didn't wake up until 4PM.

I'm going to try to sleep.

foobar is cool.

This disposable account on a site I've never visited before will self destruct when you finish reading this.


Good Converter

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I use this to convert my Flac. files to Mp3. It works as a player as well but I use VLC for that


rock on bro

for converting m4b

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Converting Audiobooks m4b:

Alternative: xrecode;
converts m4b to one mp3/chapter


Why all the hype?

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I seriously don't get it. It's closed source and it runs on Windows only.
Sure, it does a good job playing music and is heavily customizable but that doesn't make your music files sound any better...

I'd rather use something more simplistic like Aqualung.


its got a nice spectrogram, spectrum, and VU layout. Fully customizable. It supports encoding and it's very very hassle free. It has an 18 band equalizer. It sounds great. Runs on very little. Foobar2000 is awesome. hey curt if you can use wine I'd run in wine. Why do you have linux? never mind.

Foobar2000 is awesome for an audio file on a small budget.

oh, one more thing. facepalm that list is pathetic

audiophile lol

Searched in vain to find a worthy replacement

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I've been using Foobar2000 for a few years now, but unfortunately the lack of a Linux version led me to search for an alternative player that would work in Window & Linux. I can't find anything to match it. There are so many features of Foobar that I miss in other players: stable sorting, custom fields (codec, BPM, anything), replay gain, file operations, and so on. Admittedly Foobar isn't perfect out-of-the-box, but for anyone prepared to invest a bit of time setting up their ideal music player environment, Foobar2000 beats them all. (Plus, it isn't trying to be an iTunes clone!)

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it is very great players, make sure to add skins so it won't look so classic


Biggest Piece of Shit what i have ever seen before!

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Yes, foobar is crappiest player ever made. And whole community around foobar loving it because of customization, not because of user-friendliness.
This tool not for listening music, this program for creating millions of configs, for having sex with options, dsp plugins, with different skins, and sound changes.

If are you looking for software whre you can just listen & manage your music archive without crappy and uninformative interface - foobar is not your bro.
If you don't have a girlfriend, and you are nerd without social life - foobar is your bro.

Why foobar is not bro of all normal people on the Earth (but maybe friend of Aliens):

  1. Out the box it's don't have all features which you usually using. It's can't even remember latest played song (click random button, then click return back, and your foobar will play random song, not latest played)
  2. Ugly, very overloaded interface! Human brain can't accept so many interface elements at the same time. If when you were young you wish to be a pilon of airplane -> foobar for you to release your complex. Either, you will start to feel a lot of headache because of using this tool.
  3. Even if you see overloaded interface, that do not means' that all of these panes or buttons or checkboxes something doing. No, it's not. They are mostly for simulating airplane pilot panel, but all of these buttons do not even works exactly how they should work. Time to time i'm asking myself is foobar were writed by real human, or Mars Alien?? Everything, even logo looks like it were writed not by real human, because there are no any logic in interface.
  4. Even basic important tasks with audio in PC software you can't do normally. Sorry, but this is PC version, this is not hardware player where a lot of restrictions. Why i can't repeat some part of the song? Why i can't normally select how repeat via button without lists of million options? Why everything so overloaded???
  5. Someone can say "Foobar possible to make better with plugins and skins or dsp plugins" - this is BULLSHIT! Have you seen any adequat foobar pack? No? Let me show it for you (see screeenshot)

enter image description here

For what all of these piece of shit needed by me? No i do not even need (and you too) 99% of interface which here.
Sorry but this is very big fail.

  1. All "foobar pack developers" -> shitty people without any taste or talent. After using foobar for around 1 year i never found ANY good made skins, or any pack with quality amount of selected plugins and options. Everything in foobar scena looks like marathon of invalids which trying to put to their foobar as maximum as they can lines of plugins which in 99% cases never will be used by normal user.

  2. Full foobar scena is full of retards, nerds which loves to have sex with confguration, either to listsen music.

  3. There are a lot of outdated, and a lot of bugged plugins around. Maybe only around 5-6% of all foobar plugins usable

  4. Foobar very outdated and very bad player what i have ever seen even with plugins on "super mega builds", because all features which have foobar with million of plugins, and skins will provoke in 80% cases to foobar crash! In rest 20% cases while you listen music you will see a lot of problems, and bugs.

  5. There are really much much better and orientired for user players in the music players market.

  6. foobar do not even know how to bound himself (out the box) to the system and how to open apps via foobar by double click...

  7. Foobar is shame program. It's problem which demonstrate how software developers can be sucks, and how many people shitty and how many people loving to eat shit and ask for more shit.

  8. This list of issues with foobar not full, it's only around 1% of problems with foobar, i can write hell a lot more, but i have no time and motivation for it. You can try to argue any of my sentences above, but you will fail, because you know that is true.



This might be the most retarded review I have laid eyes on.

The guy is absolutely right. Foobar2000 is just crap and the name and the fiddling you have to go through to have some skin working. It's a player for masochist, emoboys/girls or the ones who like it plain ugly vanilla.

Foobar just works tbh you have to be some special kind of retarded