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Foo Basic, easy alternative to ASP.NET VWD Web IDE
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Foo Basic is an extremely powerful, yet easy-to-learn, website and smart phone app creator programming language. Allows anyone to create commercial level dynamic data-driven cross-browser websites and phone apps for IPhone, Android, and WindowsPhone.

Best of all you can create an entire website or phone app using one single easy-to-learn Visual Basic like coding syntax. No more need to know or be an expert in multiple web languages (no need to learn or use Javascript, Java, ASP.NET, CSS, HMTL etc). Foo Basic automatically detect and generates any required CSS, ASP.NET code, and .NET assemblies for your project. Coding entire websites and phone apps with one single coding language eliminates a lot of the complexities of coding with multiple web technologies, which in turn reduces development time, and allows you to get your ideas to market faster than your competitors.

This makes Foo Basic a lot easier to learn and use than the more complicated Microsoft ASP.NET programming language. With the click of one button, Foo Basic's free built-in powerful compiler/converter/obfuscator automatically obfuscates, converts, and compiles your Foo Basic project in to a ready to upload (to your shared or private web or cloud server) ASP.NET application. Foo Basic allows you to focus on your project requirements, not technology.

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