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Folder Colorizer Reviews

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Folder Colorizer is a decent utility, however, it was not clear that I was buying a 1-year license. At 10.00/year, I will not be using Folder Colorizer anymore. -1 star for the misguided subscription model.

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You know what? I take that back. My time is more valuable than hunting around for a lesser program. When you think about it, Folder Colorizer has the ability to create your folder.ico, using any color! Plus, it seamlessly integrates into the 64-bit Shell Context menu.

I still think 10.00 is too much, but for the value and the time-savings, I'll just keep using it.


Such a bad program

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Meh, such a bad program. Not so many colours and design. Nah, I wont use it anymore. By the way make sure you have some strong antivirus program if you would download Folder Colorizer. Just install Folder Marker and no need for searching some doubtful alternatives.


Too many add-ons

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The installer try to install a lot of add-ons on your computer, take care.