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Great for bumping up your grade quickly

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So, I tend to procrastinate a lot while I study, especially as my studies necessitate using a computer, and eventually keep checking Facebook and Twitter. So I end up being less prepared for tests.

However, Focus Me has changed all that. Once I set it to block specific sites or even applications, it does a great job of keeping me away from them (Believe me, I have tried to bypass it a lot! And I failed all the time).

Additionally Focus Me has good timer options which enable you to take breaks between study sessions, so you don't end up feeling bored or exhausted while studying.

I can say with a reasonable amount of certainty that Focus Me has improved my grades, and for that reason I continue to subscribe (Two years now).

Additionally, when I emailed support that the FocusMe subscription was too expensive for a student like me, Focus Me's owner, John, personally emailed me a student discount which made the subscription so affordable and totally worth it.

If you really struggle with procrastination, definitely try Focus Me. It worked great for me and would do so for you too!


Excellent app

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Due to serious procrastination issues I have tried almost every app to master my internet addiction. For me FocusMe is the best app I could find.
There are plenty of options. I especially like the possibility to work with whitelists (block every url apart from a couple of essential websites). Also the app has undergone major improvements since I use it (for 2 years now). Also I would like to mention the excellent customer support, which helped me via email or even teamviewer, if necessary. In other words, if you really would like to defeat your internet addiction while you have serious work to do, you should definitely check out this app. I havenĀ“t found anything which came close. Keep up the good work.


Amazing Distraction Blocker

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Currently I'm a medical student and as such I have to do a lot of studying each day. With almost all the resources in medical school going digital, it's nearly impossible for me to study without a computer. The only downside is that it's easy for me to get distracted when I'm fatigued after 10+ hours of studying or don't have the willpower to keep memorizing fact after fact.

Over 2 years, I've used 3 other distraction blocking programs out there (antisocial, coldturkey, freedom) and from the ones I've used, FocusMe is the best there is.

What makes it great is that no other program comes close in it's ability to customize what you need blocked.

You can set this program up to not only block websites but also programs as well. Or if you want you can set it up to allow you to only have specific applications open.

Furthermore, you can set up scheduling so that it automatically blocks what you want without having to think about opening up the program. This is great for me because with the other programs, I may forego turning on the block because I would either forget or foolishly think I had enough willpower to not go on facebook or watch a small youtube video. Taking the decision out of my day and leaving it automated has been one of the best tricks that have helped my productivity.

What I especially like is that I can use this program to let me schedule random breaks. This program allows you to have the option of allowing a "Temporary Unlock" for a set duration. For example, what I do is for a 24 hour block I allow myself 2 "Temporary Unlocks" for 15 minutes each. This gives me the chance to reward myself when I complete a good amount of work or if I am mentally fatigued and just need a small break.

The "Temporary Unlock" works great as well if I need to block gmail for several hours but later something unexpected has come up and I absolutely need to access it.

Another feature that is great is the ability to not only block specific URLs but also block websites with key phrases. Thus if you forget to add a website on the block list, FocusMe can make sure you can't find ways around it.

Lastly, customer service is super responsive and very helpful! I had some trouble registering FocusMe up on a new computer and they were extremely fast and polite in replying right away. This was on a weekend as well!

Overall its an amazing app that has a slight learning curve. However if you give it a chance and have it all setup, you really don't have to think about it and can focus on only what's important.


Thank you for the great review and especially for mentioning our customer service! We are always trying to help and to make the software better!


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FocusMe - while the UI isn't as friendly as others beneath the hood the functionality and power is much more sophisticated compared to other tools of this nature.

Perfectly blocks apps, sites and scheduling which can be a little fiddly once started is a snap and functions perfectly.

The deciding on emergency unlock randomised codes from 5 to 100 characters is a real boon also for those times when you HAVE to unlock something.

Lastly most other apps like this still allow you to see task manager - this block access to TM during lockdown very well. I'm tempted to now procrastinate on working out how to get round this system =)

But srsly a great product


Thank you very for your kind words!

Great program

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This is exactly what I was looking for. It may seem a bit complicated at first, but it's not. It is very complex and you can configure it exactly for your need. I've created profiles like study, work even fun, set it up to work as a Pomodoro timer and I can say, I'm seeing I'm more productive after couple days of using it. It really helped me to fight procrastinating.


I know it's a little bit complicated at first. I'll create more tutorials and videos how to use the software in the future!

Great program

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I've tried several (including Cold Turkey) and found this one the most effective, robust, and the hardest to get around :). A suggestion would be to use longer re-activation codes and/or prevent computer restart disabling the program.


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I've been using FocusMe for several months (after becoming disillusioned with Freedom), and although it does a great job blocking things, its UI is atrocious.

Adding apps and sites to block is a cumbersome process, and maintaining lists (for use in multiple plans) is a special form of hell. Changes to lists don't propagate to other plans and must be manually cleared and re-imported each time you make a change. Tables of data show a single item at a time and must be scrolled through.

Also, in many places, UI elements overlap each other, so there's text and checkboxes behind buttons and page indicators.

If they ever manage to fix the UI, it could be great.


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Blocks sites and apps alltogether.


Excellent software

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So far I think the prog is excellent.