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Bought this in a pack a month ago.
Was excited as it had overwhelming positive reviews.

But so far a horrible experience:

  • frequent crashes (as in about every 5 Minutes)
  • unsaved edits (more often than saved)
  • app does NOT behave as shown in product videos

Wrote to support on my first day - still have not heard back.

Maybe this is just my machine, but I will probably never find out. I literally can not work with this software.


Good idea, bad execution

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The basic idea of this app is great, and it would be awesome if it worked.

However, a plethora of bugs make using this app a hazard. For example, the Undo function sometimes wreaks havoc in the source of open files. CSS files, which can only be edited with an external editor, are modified without reason. Could be it works better with websites made from scratch with Flux, but the one I tried to modify was really very simple.

If I hadn't bought this app as part of a bundle I would be really angry. As it is, I'm merely disappointed. I hope that future versions work better. Until then I will check out the alternatives, possibly Coda.