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Great program with reasonable prices, and works really well.

This program doesn't screen capture the Netflix videos; it accesses the video and then downloads the content directly from the Netflix URL. To do this, it prompts you to sign in to your active Netflix account and then opens the video in a virtual web browser that you can't see. It then downloads the entire video as if you were streaming it very quickly. It's legal to do this under the law since it isn't decrypting the Netflix URLs to get the video. Instead, it accesses the account in a virtual browser that supports watching Netflix on its own then hides the window in the background. This is called "Time-Shifting," which allows you to record or download videos for viewing at a later time.

Some other "Netflix downloader" programs and services record the screen to save the video, but FlixiCam directly downloads the video from the source.

You can also queue up multiple seasons of a TV Show. Unfortunately, you can't add an entire tv show with only one click; you need to click into the tv show then add each season individually.

You are given an eta for when the video will be finished

Once the video is finished downloading, it's available as a normal .mp4 file in the "library" tab, plus you can mouse over the listing and click on the folder to open the folder in which it's stored. The videos don't ever expire, so you can view the videos within the folder on your compatible video player, copy to another device, add to a Plex server, or simply delete the video once you're done watching it to save space.
There are options to pause or remove all videos (including the in-progress one)

A couple things to note: the program uses both your GPU and CPU to encode the video and audio tracks in real-time as they're downloading. For this reason, expect to see up to 100% usage on both the CPU and GPU.

If downloading stops and gives a Netflix error, log out of Netflix within FlixiCam, then log back in and retry the download.

One cool thing about this program: It supports VPN usage, so if you want to download a video to watch later, that's not available in your current country? Just grab a VPN that supports streaming Netflix and download away. This way, you don't need to keep up an active subscription to Netflix or VPN until you're ready to watch since the video is already downloaded.

Without a premium license, video quality is limited to SD.
With a premium license, you get the options of low (360p/480p) medium (480p or 720p)and high (1080p) (Full HD)
The subscription prices are as follows (tax not included):
1st Month ($17) then $20 (Save $3)
3 Months ($24) then $30 (Save $6)
12 Months ($40) then $50 (Save $10)
Each tier comes with free updates, free tech support, and a 2-Day money-back guarantee
Good news! The licenses are transferable between machines, so you can copy and paste the email address and key to whatever machine you prefer to use, without reinstallation or restart.

Don't quote anything here since part of this is copied from the official website and could change at any time, and other parts are my own opinion

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A greatly convenient tool! Helps me download over 20 videos from Netflix. Now I can watch these videos on any of my devices. Love it!