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Flixgrab (1080p netflix downloader)
Ok ,today i review Flixgrab.This is a dedicated tool for downloading netflix shows in full 1080p so you can watch them offline at a later date.The installation was very simple with no bloatware or pups and no other problems.On launch you get a very easy to use interface that allows you to set the quality of your download (from low resolutions suitable for mobile phone or ipad right up to 1080p for large size tv).You can also set the sound quality again from low to 5.1.
To use the program all you have to do start your favourite netflix show in your browser the copy the link into the program,after a few seconds and once you have signed into netflix in the next pop up window you will see a tile that allows you to set download priority and quality setting as listed above,then hit the download button and you are done,depending on the speed and specs of your pc your downloaded shows completed and thats it,all your best shows on your pc for later in only a few clicks.

FreeGrabApp is the home of dedicated downloaders for various needs
Site: freegrabapp .com/flixgrab
I definately recommend this program with more features including 4k comming soon,Enjoy

This app can be downloaded here : https://www .freegrabapp.com

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In some ways, this is the greatest app I've ever used for saving online videos. I'm unclear whether this is an advanced recording or some kind of raw download but nevertheless it just works, full 1080p files even with Dolby Audio! You can easily import a list of episodes or movies for offline use. Much easier and more logical to use than Netflix's native options. I find it most convenient for traveling. I've used Playon for years and this is a far superior option for Netflix. Quality is better (not limited to 720p) and more consistent, there are fewer audio issues and frame drops. The design is very intuitive.
There are some issues when it comes to licensing and some of the saved videos. First, for licenses: I purchased a license and installed it on my PC. I was away from home and lost access so I went to install it on another PC and was hit with a license-limit immediately. I contacted support and they reactivated the license but it doesn't appear to be working. Second, some of the videos are absurdly large and a second attempt gives a different (often smaller) file size which doesn't seem logical to me. I think these are all manageable kinks which the developers can work out and I hope they find away to extend this beyond Netflix.

If you're interested in saving your videos, go check this out!
Link: https://www.freegrabapp.com/flixgrab

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