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Cool website!

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I really like feature to set flexible dates of departure in multi-city, which save me lot of time! Great inspiration for travelling through Europe


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After they didn't found any solution for me, The last message from Flightics support was: "Talk with the airline company, maybe you will have a luck"

There is no luck in work. there are hard work and lazy work.

It's take only a 30 min call with the airline company Support "I was talking with professional people", they found the solution for me, and giving me about 50% of my money as refund.
Yes they did it, they did their job, they saved me from Flightics unprofessional stupid work.

Now I can tell people how bad is Flightics support. Now I can tell them how Flightics treat their costumers and how they can do nothing for helping their clients.

Thank you Flightics for making me angry...


Cool multi-city flight search engine

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Only one flight search engine which allow flexible date in multi-city search.