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Everyday must-have tool

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This tool is really a must-have tool. You can grab any path of any open explorer or total commander window and jump to it. This is the reason why I hate to work with MacOSX.

The Win7 Version is here: http://sourceforge.net/p/flashfolder/discussion/690366/thread/3b25764f?limit=25&page=1#fd7d

and it works with Win8 also!


FlashFolder for Win7

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not compatible with windows 7 or not working at all


FlashFolder is not quite dead yet, inspite of v1.9...

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Neglected by new developer Zett42

This program has been in perpetual BETA since its inception in 2004 and most recent " v19.181 (30-Mar-2008) ... 10 years ago.
Original developer "Tim De Baets" tweaked a few problems for Win-7/8/10 and surrendered FF as open source(?) ... now forked by Zett42.
But no signs of improvements since then.

FF works well on SaveAs and Open dialogs BUT is not available on WinExplorer. nor on any other 3rd party file explorers.
Meanwhile I will use "Quick Access Popup" and watch for upgrades in FlashFolder.

The "Discussion" page (on Sourceforge) has a lengthy history trying to inspire some bug fixes for Win7/8/10.
zett42 is now generously the guardian of FlashFolder.
In the Sourceforge discussion pages Tim is relinquishing FlashFolder to be forked by anyone.

An updated new version is [v1_11_r274_beta_xxx.msi] available from "Tim De Baets" post on the FlashFolder -> Discussion Forum.
Tims post for both 64-bit and 32-bit downloads.
But not listed on Sourceforge "Files"
Other HASH offerings by earlier "discussion contributors are incorrect.
VirusTotal scan for my 64-bit MSI file ...

Tim's v1_11_r274_beta_x64.msi on 2 machines. Win-7 PRO and Win-7 HP (both 64-bit ... no problems.
Tested FlashFolder on 16 programs; Open, SaveAs, and Browse dialogs ... all perfect.
Big disappointment is that FF does not install on any file-explorers (incl. Win-Explorer).

Documentation for FlashFolder is near zero, with a bit of poking around it doesn't take long to work it out.
FF is not listed in Start -> Programs nor on the desktop ... the MSI installer.

Adding a folder to FF is simple ...
eg, Save anything will open SavesAs dialog, select your target folder; on FF toolbar click on the star icon, -> Add Current Folder ... and it is done.
No fiddling with copy paste.

FF is a slim toolbar mounted on top of each files dialog.
Always ready to be used
No hotkeys required
Very accessible
Is not available on ANY file manager, incl Win-Explorer
Reviewed my vote down from 5 to 3

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