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Everyday must-have tool

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This tool is really a must-have tool. You can grab any path of any open explorer or total commander window and jump to it. This is the reason why I hate to work with MacOSX.

The Win7 Version is here: http://sourceforge.net/p/flashfolder/discussion/690366/thread/3b25764f?limit=25&page=1#fd7d

and it works with Win8 also!


FlashFolder for Win7

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not compatible with windows 7 or not working at all

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FlashFolder is not quite dead yet,

inspite of v1.9.181 released in 30-Mar-2008
The original developer "Tim De Baets" kindly got involved with resolving bugs for Win-7/8/10
The "Discussion" page (on Sourceforge) has a lengthy history trying to inspire some bug fixes for Win7/8/10.
zett42 is now generously the guardian of FlashFolder.
In the Sourceforge discussion pages Tim is relinquishing FlashFolder to be forked by anyone.

An updated new version is [v1_11_r274_beta_xxx.msi] available from "Tim De Baets" post on the FlashFolder -> Discussion Forum.
Tims post for both 64-bit and 32-bit downloads.
Other HASH offerings by earlier "discussion contributors are incorrect.
VirusTotal scan for my 64-bit MSI file ...

I have downloaded v1_11_r274_beta_x64.msi and installed it on 2 machines.
Win-7 PRO and Win-7 HP (both 64-bit ... no problems.
I tested FlashFolder on 16 programs; Open, SaveAs, Browse dialogs ... all perfect.
My only disappointment is that none of my 4 file-explorers inherited "FlashFolder" feature.
But that might be normal
Documentation for FlashFolder is near zero, with a bit of poking around it didn't take me long to work it out.
FF is not listed in Start -> Programs nor on the desktop

Adding a folder to FF is simple ... Save anything will open SavesAs dialog, select your target folder; on FF toolbar click on the star icon, -> Add Current Folder ... and it is done. No fiddling with copy paste.

What I like about FlashFolder (v1.11) is that it is a slim toolbar mounted on top of each files dialog, always ready to be used, no hotkeys required. Very accessible