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Fl Studio Is In My Go-To Program.

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This program is my main program and i love it. I don't mind paid 1,000 dollars for the all plugins bundle. To me, it was worth every penny.


A lot of helpfull tricks

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First used it in 2014 and felt in love with FL since) UI is clear and simple. A lot of helpful tricks.

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A very good DAW. It is the one I use. I've tried many of the main DAWs and FL Studio has my support. I started in electronic music and for that it is excellent. That said, If I could I'd rather give it 4.5 stars instead of 5 because for orchestral it is not so convenient to use. There are things lacking here and there but at least a part of that will be fixed in the upcoming FL 20 which is in Beta right now. I have great hope that Image-Line will complete what's missing bit by bit. For now there is a plugin called BRSO to manage sampled instrument such as Native Instruments Kontakt or UVI Workstation. The rest is likely my lack of skill right now. In other words it will vanish sooner or later depending on how much work I put in it.
There are jokes around FL sucking but the only thing that sucks are people who make this kind of jokes. :) If you need a DAW the only right thing to do it try a bunch of them and follow your guts. There's nothing like a bad DAW at least in the circle of the main ones and FL is actually at the top at the moment. That said no matter what DAW is considered the best because no matter what the choice belongs to YOU! As I'm starting orchestral I'm thinking of using my Cubase LE licence instead yet FL is a great DAW.