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A great browser that's lost it's way.

As of 8/6/17 Firefox has begun to collect user data in an attempt to collaborate with Online News Association (A VERY partisan organization,) in an attempt to collect data on "fake news" websites and prevent users from seeing them. There are also rumors that they have teamed up with Piere Omidyar and are providing the information to help with his "fake news" censoring agenda. Mozilla, however, has yet to comment on the supposed relationship as of 10/9/17.

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cancerous rot, and privacy violations are default

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"health" information is enabled by default. This is the opposite of user respect: it should be opt-in.

Mozilla continues to embrace protocols and systems that benefit third party ad networks which whore users' privacy for profit.


Find a modified, open source, firefox that has the evil and cancer removed like cyberfox or even waterfox.

Mozilla is only a stones throw away from being as evil as chrome: mozilla is phasing out XUL.

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Firefox is the best for online privacy data.

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It's fast, simple and it's more lightweight than chrome and chromium.
It doesn't insist on features I don't want, like some other browsers :/
Plus, Its size is a little smaller than other competing browsers.
It has all the features I need !

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Welcome back default browser!

I tried a lot of different browsers after being quite disappointed with firefox in the last years. After the quantum Update I wanted to check again how firefox is doing, and I have to say: It is doing well! Nice speed, quick loading times, good overall look and feel. Simple but elegant. I will stick to it as my default browser. This review might get an update once I hit borders/bugs.

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I actually switched to firefox from chrome, just recently. They are doing a good job with performance.

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open source, highly customizable with the best plugins (add-ons)


Firefox is not improving

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FF is everyones darling, yet I have a long list of unbearablities.

-FF used to have weave for syncing. My data on my server. This is no longer available. Don't be fooled: firefox sync server 1.5 does NOT substitute weave. Overall you need 7(!) servers (syncserver, oauth server, data server, fxa server etc.) of which none is fully documented. If you install this on your root server mozilla easily can load anything on to your machines.

-FF only allowes "signed" extensions claiming it is for security reasons. Yet the only places to get a certificate are US based and comply with US law. So surely no wikileaks Addons or other unwanted media.

-The code quality is not good. Yes, chrome is eating your RAM but FF destroys your HD. FFfanboys rage about this: stating that SSDs last so damn long these days you don't have to worry. If you pay attention to the article it clearly states that this is PER OPEN TAB. So the more tabs you use the more likely your SSD will die and your computer will slow down vastly with every new tab. While you can solve the chrome problem with more RAM -- mozilla offers NO solution but closing tabs. You can not run your FF profile folder on 2 HDs.

-The people behind Mozilla are going the exact same path most US based internet techs go: You start with "don't be evil" and like mozilla, sign really really bad contracts with the media in the USA, e.g. exfiltrating your empty startpage dials, implementing more DRM than necessary etc.

-The staff fiddles around with useless functions: Did you need Pocket in Firefox? Have you seen people use "Firefox Hello"? Me neither. Yet it wasted time and money to implement. And not to mention it is close to impossible to remove FF bloatware like Pocket.

There are alternatives and some are based on Firefox....starting with "Firefox Nightly" giving you back some of the freedom you had. Even better is PALE MOON is essentially Firefox without the stupid ideas. And then there are so many new browsers like Vivaldi or Brave browser.

The only place I use Firefox is old computers with IE6. That's it.


Regarding the SSD issue, I'm not sure I fully understand. Why doesn't the article just tell people to move their profile folder off the SSD? I used Firefox's profile manager to move my profile to a HDD, and Firefox doesn't access my SSD at all anymore except for fonts and WinSxS. No writing is happening to the SSD. And anyone who doesn't run an HDD in parallel to their SSD, really shouldn't worry about Firefox writing a few dozen gigabytes a day – they'll have many much bigger perpetrators.

Not The Same As It Once Was

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I REALLY liked Firefox back in the day. It was easy to basically have it automatically run many tasks and what not while still keeping things low-impact on the system. Lately though I find that it's almost bloated with other nonsense that it's just hogging bandwith.


A superb browser that's Open Source and reliable.

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Firefox has been my go to browser for years. Although I disagree with some aspects like them integrating Pocket and a couple of GUI changes, I still find it to be the best browser out there for a number of reasons. I won't touch Chrome due to Google's privacy stance. Firefox all the way for me. Reliable, great addons, Open Source, Multi platform. Top notch.

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Third time trying to swap over to this for security reasons and for the third time I find myself looking for something else.

I cannot understand how this is considered the "de-facto" web browser when it's just such a broken mess. I run into sites like my bank (Chase, you know that little unknown site) that won't let me log in. Solution? Well according to Firefox users just use another browser for that obviously! Not at all inconvenient.

Speaking of inconvenient do you know what I love to do? Have to confirm what I want to do with every download I have regardless if I have the "Remember to do this next time" checkbox checked. Again, look into the solution and.. Too bad! It's the websites fault not ours! Are you kidding me?

I feel like I am constantly running into little annoyances that there are no ways to fix, little annoyances I don't run into with a browser like Chrome. They all add together to make a tedious experience where I just wish I was using something else. Not that I can recommend Chrome for it's privacy issues, but at least they build a browser that "just works" as they say.

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• Open source. If you are not familiar with "open source", it means that Firefox is more secure. Because its code is publicly available for review and contributions at:
______• How to contribute to Firefox at
______• Repository at

• Attractive MPL 2.0 license. This means the software code of this software is owned and supported by a friendly not-for-profit community. Instead of a for-profit corporation. And more secure because its full code is publicly available for review.

• Firefox version 60+ (Quantum) is presently FASTER than Chrome and use less memory than Chrome. Compare to previous versions of Firefox, the Quantum version is twice as fast, promote parallelism, and has more intuitive user interface.
______• Video at
______• Read more and see performance test results at
______• Article 1 at
______• Archived article 1 at
______• Article 2 at
______• Archived article 2 at

• By default Firefox is good at protecting your privacy. Much better than Chrome. But neither Firefox or Chrome have the strongest privacy. If you need even stronger privacy than Firefox, you might be interested to consider Tor Browser at Which is powered by Firefox.

• This is your reminder that Google Chrome spies on you. By default Google Chrome tracks your activity on the internet. Via sync, cookies, and various methods. After Google collected your information, they sell it in covert ways to total strangers. This is part of Google business model. This is your reminder that Google is a for profit corporation. By collecting your data and linking it to you, Google put you at risk for data breaches.
Source 1:
______• Archived at

Source 2:
______• Archived at

Source 3:
______• Archived at

• Google Chrome is own by a for-profit corporation. It is not owned by a not-for-profit community. Usually a corporation first priority is to hoard money. Not serve you and protect your privacy.

• Chrome 70 at 64-bit
• Firefox 63 at 64-bit
• Debian 9 Stretch at 64-bit
• GNOME 3.22

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Firefox is the defacto standard for a web browser that had held its own for the past decade. Firefox had lost its edge since the arrival of chrome, but Firefox Quantum seems promising and has a bright future ahead. Firefox experiments are also cool. Firefox is the best browser right now for those who have privacy concerns. The extension support is also good. It has a lot of extensions that chrome does not have.

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Very good browser, the good competitor to google chrome


  • pretty fast on modern hardware and difference between google chrome in the speed of loading sites not visual seen.
  • very good in customization, you can make themes, and make it look like you wish
  • a lot of really good addons which do great customization and helps to work (containers it's really awesome extension, you should try)
  • can be very good configured and controlled almost all part of the browser
  • working sync, which syncs, history, addons, settings, etc
  • very good font engine, fonts in firefox in my personal opinion much better than in chrome because of the engine.
  • smooth scrolling, fast and smooth user interface, tabs switching, opening video on whole screen etc.


  • not as good as chromium based browsers in terms of supporting technologies
  • not so fast as google chrome on JS engine, but pretty near results
  • consume dramatically MORE resources (memory, CPU) if compare to Chrome (firefox usually eats 1GB, while Chrome will eat 300mb)
  • Have small problems here and there with different pros above.

But I can recommend the browser to use. Because it's a very good browser if compare to any other.