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Firefox Focus Reviews

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Firefox Klar (renamed German release) comes with Mozilla statistics off by default, therefore more friendly.


Very primitive with 0 custom option.

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  • google as default search engine - default search engines can not be deleted - very private
  • no add-on support (?) i don't see add-on page, add-ons are used to correct the failures of the devs without them every browser is pile of sh1te
  • a mobile browser must have the "block images except on wifi" option by default to be friendly with your bandwith if you need it

Worth 30 secs to realize no one should use it in the current state.

I use Firefox Beta on Android which has more settings & also add-ons, not all of them that i wish but at least some of them.


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I am using Firefox Focus as tracking protection on my iPhone (Settings -> Safari -> Content Blockers).