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automatically fixes tags, dupl...

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I purchased the full version just for the lyrics feature, but it doesn't work at all (with very famous artists)

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It's a trap!

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Since you can download this software without paying I believed it was at least a 30 days demo, or something like that, but all you get is a software "capable" of fixing the tags in your music collection, but unable to save the changes. So I'd say don't waste you time on this.


How is a simple demo a trap? Finetune will process your files and let you see what is capable of. If it's working for you and you like the suggested changes just buy it.

I agree! I bought the full version, because I expected, Finetune would discover lyrics and write them into .lrc files. But it doesn't. Money gone. This wouldn't have been happened, if I could try it in advance