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Works OK if you're not a power user; pretty limited in silly ways once you try to get anything done with it.

Oh, you want to copy a file to a server or location on your network? Well, Apple doesn't -like- that, so you're not allowed to drag and drop to those locations.
Apple actually put in work to lock out functionality for no reason whatsoever, and that trend continues -throughout-.

You want to position your icons on the desktop? I hope they're not in a grid, because due to a decades-old bug Apple consistently ignores, several spaces will be devoted to a bugged blank space. You cannot rearrange using these spaces, because Apple is staffed by lazy people. There is no fix other than starting from scratch.

You want to move an item? Well, Apple has decided nobody needs to, so everything is a copy. I hope you have lots of spare space!

Absolute garbage, redeemed only slightly by its average UI.

2/10. Freeware alternatives are infinitely superior due to their devs actually trying to make their products -useful-, not -restrictive-.

And before someone chimes in about Windows for some reason, Explorer is fine. Good? No. Bad? No. Inoffensive. Finder is outright offensive.

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Hands down the best file explorer on any operating system. Windows really needs to catch up