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Easy to Use, friendly Support

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I'm using Filestage on my daily basis to collaborate with my customers. It´s so easy to use and you don't need to give your partner more than a link to share the actual version of the project – you can save all the time you wasted with sending mails to anyone involved in the project!

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very clear and good customer service made in Germany

fast integration of complex film projects and fast easy communication with the customers. Shortening the correction time

Customers do not have to register anywhere to make corrections.

  • Access to all important system settings

  • user-friendly and modern interface

Customers are happy ;)

  • Fast and efficient error correction. clear communication between service provider and customer.

  • Good overview also for non-computer talented

  • every correction step is exactly predictable

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  • Easy Overview about our projects - no more mess within video production and photo projects
  • No misunderstanding with reviews - precise definition of task within pictures and videos
  • quick retrace of different versions
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**Simply the best feedback tool for audio-visual group projects.
I highly recommend to any Team handeling film projects over long-, or short distances. You can mark any spot in a frame and leave a comment. You may also draw scetches into frames to further illustrate corrections for your team mates.
Shared project work over any distance has never been so easy! Can't imagine any future projects without filestages assistance. Thanks!

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Reviewing images, videos, documents and even sound is a complicated process. Very often, you get feedback through just talking on the telephone or writing an e-mail with complicated references about where the annotation belongs to. Filestage makes the process of reviewing simple for both sides and makes sure nothing is left and nobody can say "but I also told you to change that" three weeks later, as it provides a very good version managment and logging.

What I like:

  • Easy to set up
  • Intuititve
  • Clear and quick user interface
  • Secure, even useable for content that requires NDAs
  • You can easily see that this tool is made by people who exactly know what the problem is to which their product provides the solution

What I dislike:

  • Not very cheap considering freelancers
  • Limited API at the moment (but I was told that there is more to come)

Favorite Tool for Correction and Voting Rounds with Customer Feedback - Best Value and Usability

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We got hooked on filestage right with the first project. Using it for almost all correction rounds now.
The main benefit is the simplicity of working with it - especially when giving the link of a file to a customer. There is no need for him to sign up, which makes it really easy to use. Even non-digitial natives find it very easy to submit feedback via filestage.

Also, the usability and the user experience is great. Its actually fun to work with, even considering it is about something as tough as dealing with corrections of customers. Everything is beeing kept clear and manageable. Its great that with one click you can look back on previously approved versions, especially if you get the feeling, you are going circles regarding the customer feedback.

We also love how we can handle nearly every kind of file. However, It kinda reaches its limit when handling really big pdfs (more than 200 pages), since people are going to download the pdf and will make their comments there, instead of in filestage. But that is something that we are more than willing to accept. By now we also use filestage a lot just internally, since the handy To-Do feature makes everything very clear and traceable.


fun to use, clients love it!

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Collecting feedback has never been as much fun! I love presenting filestage to my clients because it saves us all so much hassle.
I was also super impressed with the customer service - quick contact, great support and true interest in feedback. Though honestly, you likely won't contact them, because the interface is so intuitive.


Nice one

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While working in a creative agency I have to deal with different file types which are supported by filestage. Combined with the easy handling this is a very useful tool!


Great reviewing app

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As a supervisor and small studio owner I was always fishing for a good reviewing tool, every few month I will google and look into the available services
created letterly tens of deferent accounts and trials, till I stumbled upon Filestage I liked immediately the clean design, the straightforward approach to its features and the Price plans, but I left the account hanging there till I check some other new services there and after few days of inactivity I get for the first time
an honest e-mail about why did I stop using the service, I was really impressed by how they replied to all my feedback, Really great support and a company that listens.


Best time saving tool for your reviews

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Since filestage had launched its service, it became our favourite review software for all of our clients film productions. It supports a clean and simple user interface and fits perfectly in our workflows. Big plus for us: All data is secured by AES 256 Bit and hosted in Germany!


Awesome collaboration and review tool!

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This intuitive product is easy to use and smooth. Super easy to present to clients and fellow students. 10 out of 10 for customer support, user interface and ease of use. Completely worth your money. I am a fifteen year old student and I make videos for weddings, corporate events etc, and filestage boosted my collaboration ability to the next level.


Nice tool

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I like this tool very much :) The handling is simple and this marker point function comes in quite handy.
It really saves my day if I have a project and need to discuss with my team about an image, video etc.

Props to whoever came up with this idea! :D