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Best contents, date(attrib) , file and folder finder

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For $10 per residence is best purchase I have ever made, Cost here
_(Price update 2019, is now a heart stopping $135) _

  • finds contents using OR and AND search delimiters (ie, pipe for "OR", plus for "AND")
  • also RegEx searches (which I have been unable to master)
    Faster then any other buit-in or free standing file contents finders
    Finds: folders, files and contents ... and ... dates or date ranges
    Use wild cards in search strings (ie, asterisk and question-mark)
    I have turned off Windows indexing ... FileSearchEX does it own indexing and knows when a folder has not be changed
    The quickest file finder I have tested. Commercial or free

I still use Everything.exe on odd occasions when I have really lost a file

Context Menu caption "Search via FileSearchEX" is to long ...

  • I changed mine to a simple "Find ..."
  • caption can be modified in the Registry ... the key to search for is Search via FileSearchEX
  • modify the key to eg. Find ...
  • the caption-text MUST be identical in all locations, else it fails.
    Start -> Search: "RegEdit.exe" . . . . Run as Administrator

HKCR\Directory\Background\shell\Search via FileSearchEX
HKCR\Folder\shell\Search via FileSearchEX
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\Directory\Background\shell\Search via FileSearchEX
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\Folder\shell\Search via FileSearchEX

As a reminder to myself I create a "Name" within the "key" ... Right hand pane
Type: String Value (REG_SZ)
Name: info-FileSearchEX
Value: "Find ..." key was "Search via FileSearchEX"

OK on Win-7 HP (32-bit) + Win-7 PRO (64-bit)

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2019 (circa)
Price is now $100 + $35 /yr ... which is (IMO) over the top.
Even one-time purchase (no support) is $135

Still the best file/content finder ... just too steep for my budget