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Total Commander substitute for OS X

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Being a power user who does most of the work on Windows, I've always been a huge fan of Total Commander. That is the most amazing tool and I was missing it sorely on Mac. I've tried 10 or 15 file management apps, but nothing came even close.

Until Files.app. It was one of the last I've tried and it surprised me. It's still pretty early in development, but already fully usable. Here's a list of features I've found unique about Files:

  • multi-column view of your files
  • integrated terminal that automatically follows the directory you select in the file viewer and has a full window view (works as a separate tab)
  • has built in viewer that allows you to peek into any file, even if it's binary
  • treats zip and other archives like regular folders, so you can easily get into them, without decompressing the whole thing
  • it's extremelly lean and fast
  • has very good keyboard access; people coming from other Commander style tools will feel at home

There are many more great things about this tool. If you're coming from Windows and searching for a good Commander -- give this one a try. It might just be the one for you!

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Nimble Commander is really for power users

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For years I've been used to work with 5 different managers. Now I'm with Nimble Commander. Why? There are 5 reasons:

  1. It's very nimble. I even say it's invisible for the system. You just do your work and don't switch different programmes.

  2. It has 100+ hotkeys. Do you know other dual-pane managers with 100+ hotkeys?

  3. There aren't a lot of useless buttons - only several you need for working.

  4. I can rename a lot of files. Last time I renamed 63 files and during this process system work very well.

  5. File search. It's flexible and powerful.

And 6. I know that I can go to the forum and say to developers what I need in Nimble Commander. And they'll do it. It's important, very important.

Best, Alex