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"FileOne is not a regular organizer like other organizers. It is made to speed up things like the way you work but makes it easier tool. It does not mimic EverNote, does not mimic OneNote or simple note-taking apps at all. But you can use it as an alternative."


FileOne has an internal browser, but like OneNote or Evernote, it can not capture any article on the web properly. Even if you copy the web page and paste it in your notes or documents, the images are deleted and only text remains.

UI, UX are all failures; just because buttons look simple and clean doesn't mean they're simple and easy to use.

For example, users could not drag and drop a local or web image into a document, but it also had an image viewer built into it. What a joke... This may be one of the reasons why they don't have an image in help documents; no matter how much they drop an image on the Drop tab, they don't respond.

And the context menu is too complicated. There are too many things that seem useless. Instead of removing the menu from the main window, did you add all the functions to the context menu?

Is ScrachPad and DontForget in the same role? What is the difference between them?

Of course, there is no hotkey.

Its multimedia management is terrible; it has to follow many procedures and it will explode.

Maybe there are some people in the world who have to put everything in this amateur program.
To be honest, I don't think it's really worth it to most individuals.

Do you need invoices, mail, and contact management? Then consider Outlook or Thunderbird
Do you need notes and work to do? Just use Evernote, Onenote, and Joplin.
Do you need music and media management? Just use a file explorer that the OS provides.
Do you need a management program like this? Consider Ultra Recall, MyInfo, RightNote.


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Has more functions then EverNote because it contains a contact manager, email client, webbrowser, music player, downloader, clipper for screenshots, can store pdf, msword, excel, movies, photos, images, agenda, calendar in conjunction with its native notes and documents to a merged integrated mix of data.

I like the tree at the left to position treegonized items as I want them.


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OneNote Alternative Exists, finally!
No longer have to rely on several different apps that sync and organize EVERYTHING seamlessly. There's finally an app that's privacy focused, a much easy to use, easy on ram,/memory available for LINUX (mac & windows 7/10), and is literally an all-in-one program for everything you need in personal and/or business life. I highly recommend and endorse.


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  1. I like the way it handles data using a tree
  2. The components work nice with each other
  3. The email client inside the program that handles the Inbox, Sent and Outbox folders automatically.
  4. The movie downloader ;-)
  5. The fact I can cross hyperlink almost anything inside FileOne
  6. The fact I can store Word, Excel, pdf, audio and video into FileOne
  7. The single file aproach (fast, easy and portable for backup and sharing)
  8. The way it encrypts so easily docs, pop-up Notes, audio, video
    Easier, faster, more stable then EverNote.