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I'm not 100% sure why, but FileDude is the most popular filehosting site for cracked apps on jailbroken iOS devices. It's not the best, by far- what's most annoying is that the ads make it impossible to type the download captcha on your iPhone unless you wait for 5-10 seconds at first. Also, downloads can be sooooooooo slow. On bad days, you may find yourself trying to download a 50 MB app at 20-30 kbps. I would rather use Mediafire. If you have to use FileDude, at least install the apps from your desktop so that it's easier to type the captcha. If you have to use your iPhone, get an adblocker.

Installing cracked apps from your desktop is really quite easy. As long as you have iTunes on your desktop and Installous (Small Installous iconInstallous ) on your iPhone, you can just double click on the file you've downloaded, and it should be recognized instantly.


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