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I've used this application, but haven't updated it recently since I'm stuck on an older version of iOS. I'm at whatever version it is when they added the "Pushing Squares" lead, so I base my experience off of this version.

This application is pretty good. Making music really is quite simple with it. Figure's focus is on electronic music and making loops of music (which implies 4/4 time signature music), from 1, 2, 4, or 8 bars. You have a lead, a bass, and a drum machine to work with. You can change the rhythm pattern (16 different default patterns; 4 would be a note every quarter note, 8 would be a note every eighth note. Numbers in between would be some syncopated pattern. Of course, you don't HAVE to follow the pattern; you can make whatever beat pattern you like), the scale that you use, the steps in the scale, the range of notes that you can play (up to 3 octaves), and, of course, the type of instrument that you want to use. After you make a certain beat that you like, you can add some effects to it as determined by the instrument you have, such as changing frequency and resonance of your bass line.

Now, if you were looking for an application for some serious music making software, Figure isn't exactly that application. It's more for jotting down an idea that you randomly have on the go. However, don't take that to mean that Figure can't handle serious music making! There are moments where I had lots of time and spent hours messing with Figure. Over the years I've made plenty of music loops, some of which I'm quite proud of.

One of the flaws of Figure, however, is that it cannot export to MIDI. Although there are many options to export to other apps on your phone, I do not think MIDI export is possible.

As a whole, Figure is a good software for those interested in making music. Whether you're a complete noob at music theory or a music master, Figure is a good app to have on your device.