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Since Eric Lawrence handed it to that Telerik company, this gem is now literally useless malware.


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Pretty good, but over time has got a case of feature bloat worse than MS Word. I don't use 99% of what Fiddler can do, and I only prefer it over Chrome's native F12 network tab because I can see full url, request, and response simultaneously plus the JSON tab on request/response that it defaults to on double-click of the URL request line.

Any app that starts with a splash screen with subtitles of all the modules that are loading up, and that pops a box to check for new updates when I've de-selected auto-updating, is an app that's trying to do too much.


Comparison to Firebug and Wireshark

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I use fiddler more than Firebug and Wireshark because:

  • Firebug only works in Firefox and I do most of my work in Chrome. Also, Firebug is a Firefox extension so it can be a little clumsy at times.

  • Wireshark is often overkill when you want to debug http traffic. With Fiddler it's easier to see the http sent and the response with just a click. With Wireshark, the process to recompose the packets and uncompress them is not as easy.

  • Fiddler can do https with just one click. With Fiddler you spy on encrypted traffic and there's nothing special to install.

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great for sniffing http(s) requests