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The best open source alternative to Fences is ICU - Icon Configuration Utility. If that doesn't work for you, our users have ranked more than 10 alternatives to Fences, but unfortunately only one of them is open source. If you can't find an alternative you can try to remove all filters.

Fences alternatives are mainly Desktop Customization Tools but may also be Application Launchers or File Organizers. Filter by these if you want a narrower list of alternatives or looking for a specific functionality of Fences.
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Fences is a one-of-a-kind program, allowing you to draw labeled shaded areas on your desktop, which become movable and...

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  1. ICU - Icon Configuration Utility icon

    ICU - Icon Configuration Utility

    • FreeOpen Source
    • Windows
    10 alternatives to ICU - Icon Configuration Utility 

    Restore your desktop when the icons get “rearranged”.

    Melba23 and I found we were working on very similar ideas to restore the Desktop icons to their normal place if they became “rearranged”. Vista seems to like this doing on occasion just for fun – but we all know some applicat.

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    1.  PortableICU - Icon Configuration Utility can be used from a USB stick or similar with no prior installation.
      ICU - Icon Configuration Utility vs Fences opinions
      This alternative is disputed. ICU - Icon Configuration Utility is still a legitimate alternative to Fences, but it might have issues that some users think are important.

      It only keeps the icons arranged, don't let you make fences which I think is the best feature of it.

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