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Great balance between cutting-edge and reliable

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Fedora prides itself in being an early adopter of new technologies and promoting open-source software.

Easy to install
Easy to use package manager
Well integrated with GNOME
One of the first to include new updates in the Linux community

Adding software that isn't open-source requires an extra step
Not Debian, so proprietary software that is only compatible with Ubuntu and Debian won't work


Debian/Ubuntu software that comes as a .deb file can often be made to work on other distros. Here's how. For a package called example.deb, open the terminal, go to the folder where example.deb is located and type:

ar x example.deb

A handful of files and folders will appear in that folder. One of them is likely called something like data.tar.gz. This is a compressed file which you can decompress using engrampa or whatever is your favourite Linux program for this.

In the decompressed version of that folder you'll find a bunch of stuff, and amongst it somewhere the binary (executable) program you want to run. Possibly in a subfolder called 'bin'. Double click that to start the program.

I did not know that, thanks!

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My main OS
Highly recommend.
High security compared to Ubuntu


The neverending battle between Fedora and Ubuntu

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I've used Fedora Cora 5 in the past and i could barely use it (because of a lack of knowledge). When i decided to completely move from Windows to GNU/Linux, i had to choose between many distros.
The Linux Distribution Chooser by Zegenie studios matched up 4 distros to my taste and knowledge.
One of those distros was Ubuntu, another Fedora.

I knew Ubuntu had dedicated users and wide support but because i'm into servers and one told me RedHat was very popular for servers i eventually chose Fedora.

Judging Fedora on itself is quite difficult since one is only seeing the Gnome graphical frontend by default.
Hardware such as my UPS, scanner and printer were automatically recognized, no drivers or the like required!

  • [PRO] for selinux
  • [PRO] for community support
  • [CON] for requiring root password during updates (instead of sudo)
  • [CON] for limited package manager (one must know at least part of the name for a package)

I simply can't list all pro's and cons. Try Fedora, you'll like it!

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simple, straight forward replacement for windows

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I don't recommend it as a main os. Fedora is an open-source only OS and therefore has some problems e. g. with playback of videos files both local and online.