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I'm trying favattic bookmark manager for the first time and have already stuck over one particularity that hinders me to continue.

  • The import of 15k+ bookmarks ended up splitting the content in 4 identically named parent folders and subfolders (e.g. 1 folder L) into subfolders with continuous numbering (e.g. L1, L2, L3).
  • The parent folders show same folders but are inconsistent in their number. P1 has 1-3 folders, P2 20+, and so on. So, P1 shows SF1-3, P2 SF2-6, P3 7-13, and so on.
  • New attempt to import the html file brought approx. same result with some differences in the number of subfolders.


  • since I can't see how many bookmarks were imported in total I can't help you there
  • it seems as if the system can not handle max. of Xn folders. So, the total amount ob bookmarks in any given folder gets splitted into a manageable amount
  • it is unclear why parent folder level behaves as it does

Other anomalies:

  1. During the import following error occurred that might be connected to the issue described bellow.
    "OOPS! Something went wrong in communication with the server. Please retry again or contact us and we will fix the problem"
    1b. The other issue might be related is when I am actually in my account managing bookmarks after unspecified time (can be short as <1min oder <5min) the page refreshes to the favattic default page away from my account.
  2. Favattic for students for free does not work. I mean you have the link in your top menu on your site but it does not lead to anything free besides a starter account, which as I understood is already free. Prices are reasonably stacked so no student for free wouldn't be a big deal, but since you advertise that option it should lead somewhere.

Thank you for letting us to play with the app for free, but as is it's more for a new starters.


favattic listing has been approved!

about favattic · · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

The favattic listing has been approved

We are tweaking the listing it to ensure all the info is clear and consise to allow you to make an informed choice when comparing favattic against possible alternatives. As for the initial alternatives they have been suggested to the alternativeto.net Admins and hopefully they will appear soon.

Although this listing on alternativeto.net is not an 'official' support channel for favattic we will 'drop in' as often as possible, however to ensure prompt answers to any questions you may have please email the favattic Support Team directly support@favattic.com