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One major imperfection in an almost perfect product

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Does not automatically follow the image order within a folder where image order is determined manually. I'm sure there's some kind of option to correct this, but the fact this is even an issue is a major negative. I'm obviously not afraid to reorganize image order, myself, so if it were an easy fix within maxview I would have found it already. Perhaps I'm overestimating my computer "skills," but come I really need to dive into the bowel of this program to make it work correctly? I love the ease of use. I love the right/left click option to quickly scroll images, the mouse wheel zoom like windows pic&fax of old, which I'm getting really effin' tired of missing on Windows should have kept what worked just fine. But their FAILURE leads me to this program, which actually surpasses Win Pic&fax in many ways. Except for the most important area...


It doesn't recognize manually set image orders. Making ALL of it's positive attribute moot.


The best full screen viewer

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FastStone MaxView until version 2.2 [released: 03 Nov 2008] was the best freeware program to see images in full screen mode.
Later it became a paid product. I still look for a free alternative updated program.


Great program for reviewing and organizing images

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I have programs that I use to edit and manipulate images, but most are large programs bloated with many functions, options and menus. I was looking for a simple image viewer that allowed me to manage and organize many images and contained all necessary options for image review. MaxView allows me to easily scroll through many image formats and rename, delete, copy to, move to, rotate, crop and even open an external editor if necessary. Most of the image viewers I tested did not contain the rename or crop options.

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Another program I found that was good for reviewing images is BreezeBrowser Pro.


Negative opinion

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It's not good enough for the 2 major points:

  1. Not fast enough as a simple image viewer (especially you used the lanczos3 filter).
  2. Not functional enough, just too simple.

Even as a freeware it won't be my choice, and actually it's a shareware.

I really don't understand, why FastStone Image Viewer is always free and this became a shareware.