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Very comprehensive program, does what it should!

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For some years now, I'm using Fanurio. And I like it a lot!
I use it nearly every day, to track time for nearly every project I work on - as a freelancer.

It took me a little time to setup - and get to fully understand the program and all of it' s possibilities & benefits, but above all: it offers a very broad palette of options to track time & budgeting, per client / per project / per time period, however you like to configure the program!

I primarily use it for time tracking, as well as some budget-tracking and time reporting for clients (export in PDF or HTML). I prefer to send my invoices via another, online-based app. Although it's possible to do that too, with Fanurio!

That's a big difference with many similar apps: Fanurio isn't web-based. It's the more traditional kind of program (Java-based): you install it on your computer and use it from there (it supports mac, linux and windows - and I used it on all - similar experience).

I even tried Toggl for a while, but in the end I realised, Toggl's a great looking cloud-based app, that unfortunately misses some of the features I need - and still find in Fanurio.

As usual: whichever product is best for you, highly depends on your needs and personal preferences. Testing new programs, is the only way to get your answers...

One minor downside of Fanurio is - for me personal - the slightly outdated design of the program. I would love to see it having a little more juiciness on the visual side of things... But hey, that's much less important than it's features! And they do their job. Very good, IMHO.

Lastly, any support issues I had, have been handled very appropriate.
I think it's a great time tracking program, for a very reasonable price.


Great program

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Fanurio saves me a ridiculous amount of time, $60 is a steal. From customizable invoices to super easy expense/mileage tracking, Fanurio has made it so I can concentrate more on my work and less on how I bill.