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Open Source Facetune Alternatives

The best open source alternative to Facetune is Pixelfed. If that doesn't suit you, our users have ranked more than 50 alternatives to Facetune and four of them is open source so hopefully you can find a suitable replacement. Other interesting open source alternatives to Facetune are Simple Camera, Beautify and Mutiny.

Facetune alternatives are mainly Photo Sharing Apps but may also be Photo Editors or Social Networks. Filter by these if you want a narrower list of alternatives or looking for a specific functionality of Facetune.
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Facetune iconFacetune
  • Android
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Facetune gives you the ability to retouch and add artistic flair to selfies and portraits with ease, from the convenience...

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  1. Pixelfed icon


    • Online
    • Self-Hosted
    • Cloudron
    145 alternatives to Pixelfed 

    Pixelfed is an image sharing platform with focus on Privacy, Safety and Security, an ethical alternative to centralized platforms like Instagram. Federated, Ad-Free, No algorithms, No 3rd party analytics or tracking. Can run on your own server.

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    1.  DecentralizedPixelfed is based on a decentralized infrastructure with no single entity controlling it.
    2.  Privacy focusedPixelfed is considered a privacy friendly alternative.
    3.  Support for ActivityPubPixelfed support ActivityPub, a open and decentralized social network protocol.
    4.  Ad-freePixelfed doesn't contain any form of external advertising.
    Pixelfed vs Facetune opinions
    This alternative is disputed. Pixelfed is still a legitimate alternative to Facetune, but it might have issues that some users think are important.

    It's not a photo editing software but a social media platform. FaceTune is a photo editing software.

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  2. Simple Camera icon

    Simple Camera

    • Android
    • Android Tablet
    • F-Droid
    59 alternatives to Simple Camera 

    A simple camera with zooming, capable of taking photos and recording videos, with customizable save folder. The resolutions can be limited by mpx, aspect ratio can be set too. Provides a nice and clean UI.

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    1.  LightweightSimple Camera consumes less device resources compared to similar apps.
    2.  Ad-freeSimple Camera doesn't contain any form of external advertising.

  3. Beautify

    • FreeOpen Source
    • Mac
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • GIMP
    110 alternatives to Beautify 

    GIMP Beautify is a set of GIMP plug-ins for quickly and easily beautify photo.

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  4. Mutiny icon


    • Android
    • iPhone
    158 alternatives to Mutiny 

    Mutiny is a content network. Users cannot follow each other, and post authors are hidden. On Mutiny, influencers are ineffective and the community is focused exclusively on topics.

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    1.  Privacy focusedMutiny is considered a privacy friendly alternative.
    2.  Ad-freeMutiny doesn't contain any form of external advertising.
    3.  No TrackingMutiny will not track you or use your personal data.
    4.  Anonymous CommentingMutiny allows you to comment and participate in discussions without revealing your personal information.
    5.  No registration requiredYou can use most of the features in Mutiny without registration.
    6.  Dark ModeMutiny supports dark mode for comfortable usage in low light conditions.
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