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Ignorant community

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Platform full of ludicrous people. How fake news and stupid trends are spread through the Internet. Repeated and toxic content. Such bad privacy policy. Only decent purpose is its messaging feature because of the fact everyone has it.


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I am very disappointed with this Orwellian network.

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We need to stop thinking this is a good service and wake up! Facebook have been using us for too long (for their own interests) and we need to find alternatives. There is a lot of good ones popping up around us, but we... the users need to be the change and take our friends with us. We need to support the creators that is trying to bring the secure alternatives to the public.

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Facebook is spyware. When making a new account it requires you to snap a live photo of yourself otherwise you can't continue. This is followed by the stupid capcha verification which is far more annoying than secure. Now my wall is full fraudulent stories shared from junk sites like CollectiveEvolution.

**Facebook is a headache on mobile devices. **If I set my browsers layout to mobile I can't view my messages without downloading the FB Messenger app which completely I despise. Setting the browser layout to desktop messes up the display making it unusable.

Why is Facebook so dame SLOOOOOOW???? I have video feeds disabled so why does it take so long to load?


IKR that sucks they force you to add a picture of your face, and it takes days to verify for some people!

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As interesting the concept of social media is, the Facebook of today is not what it used to be: privacy issues, fake news, extremism (whether Islamic or right-wing), slow response to user reports of trolling and cyberbullying … just to name a few.



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I'm a fictional character, so I can't exist on facebook.com, it requires government ID. Help me

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Censors the side of news they disagree with (wrong think)
Hard at work normalizing a world without privacy.


Left facebook for G+

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Closed my Facebook account after it changed all my security settings to public without my knowledge or consent. It also restored ALL of my "Deleted" posts when the change to Timeline occurred, and twice more since then. It also put up a live GPS of my position without my consent through the Android App, and would not allow me to remove it off my timeline.

So, I closed my account and switched to Google+. That was about six months ago and I'm not looking back!

Hopefully, facebook will piss off more people with security and nonsence, and they will also leave for g+.
However, i also hope that all the spammers, morons, and trolls will stay on fb. (but that won't happen, they will just follow the majority, /sign)


Agreed, Google Plus may be a good alternative. Its at least more promising than Facebook a the moment, or at least I think so. Facebook and those settings, they need to get their stuff together.

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I've left my account to rot, and will only use it when absolutely necessary, maybe to contact a long-lost relative...or something. I hope that day never comes. Well, I'm not hoping that a family member would never contact me--I'm not that heartless--but I hope they contact me through a more privacy-respecting platform.

The past and present prevalence of Facebook since 2007? is a testament to the changing perspective of our view on the Internet and anonymity as a whole. I've encountered stories of people being locked out of their Facebook account until they provide an image of their face. What happened to when we taught our kids to keep themselves private on the Internet, for fear of bad people lurking around? Now, we're actively encouraged to share everything about us, and with just a few strokes of the keyboard and a few clicks, anyone can find out a lot on just about whoever they want. It's no secret that Facebook is in the business to sell our data to advertisers.

I'll set the privacy thing aside, and move onto the next issue: censorship. Whether you agree or disagree with the idea that Facebook should censor people on its platform, the fact of the matter is that it has, it does, and it most likely will continue to. That's something to keep in mind if you ever plan on making a platform for yourself on Facebook.

Alright, now on to the actual website experience itself...

It's okay. Sometimes I remember wishing that it didn't change its interface so often. I think it hasn't changed in a while, but only time will tell when another shake-up will occur.

I don't like the fact that they shoved Messenger down the throats of mobile Facebook users, but you can read my thoughts about it on that page.

Oh, yeah. Facebook makes it really difficult to figure out how to delete your account. No, not deactivate it, DELETE it.

EDIT: How could I have forgotten the time where I was getting notifications from a page I could swear I never liked and followed? That was definitely a strange occurrence.

Well, that's about all I can think of. My final thoughts? I hope Facebook crashes and burns in the near future. The way I see it, the fact that so many people have an account demonstrates that we must change how we think about and use the internet, and quickly.

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It tried to condition Me.
To be fair, I learned a lot on it at it's time. But now it's over and we move on.

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Facebook isn't private, and in my opinion the best alternative is minds.


Twitter or anything Google is just as invasively non-private as Facebook.

Minds is already better than I thought it would be, way superior than Facebook!

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Not just Facebook but Twitter as well. What I see unfolding in front of my very eyes is an evolutionary process still in beta that is already much superior to both of the above. Complex but clean, fast growing yet still user friendly and last but not least, the community feels real. They talk about important things instead of pretending to be celebs. I sense an intellectual depth within the Minds community. Cheers Minds, keep it up!! AJ JPS


Jottar.com: alternative social networking

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Facebook has really lost its appeal to me now, these days you can't choose what you want to see on your newsfeed 'Facebook decides for you', even if you like pages and want to see their content it depends now how much the page owners pay Facebook to reach a percentage of their fans. Another social networking alternative I have found with a bit of a difference is Small Jottar iconJottar check it out.