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Tested: Windows 7/10

This application will overwrite conflicting files regardless of the settings you choose.


  • Never overwrite it - NOT WORKING
  • Keep and Rename - NOT WORKING


  • No to all - NOT WORKING
  • No to all archives - NOT WORKING
  • Keep - NOT WORKING
  • Keep to all - NOT WORKING
  • Keep to all archives - NOT WORKING

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I can confirm this. :(

ExtractNow is NOT discontinued, and does NOT has "viruses" - it is fake OLD alarm - just enormous amount of archive file format supported!

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ExtractNow isn't discontinued, development just stalled - because application is already near perfect! Actually, ExtracNow supports so much file formats, even some abandoned ones! For example, I found some rare old data which was in old Stuffit (.sit, .bin) archive file format. None of other tools could extract it. What is more important, Stuffit changed it's own format cross own versions of program. But ExtractNow extracts it without a problem.
Right now, supported formats are:
zip (+jar,xpi), bzip2 (+bz2,tbz2,tbz), rar, arj, z, lzh (+lha), 7z, cab, nsis, lzma, lzma86, xz (+txz), ppmd, udf, xar, mub, hfs, dmg, compound (+msi,doc,xls,ppt), wim (+swm), iso, chm (+chm,chi,chq,chw,hxs,hxi,hxr,hxq,hxw,lit), split (+001), rpm, deb, cpio, tar, gzip (+gz,gzip,tgz,tpz), mslz, flv, swf, ntfs (+ntfs,img), fat (+fat,img), mbr, vhd, pe, elf, apm, macho, ace, sit (bin)

Fake "virus" allert is made on "heuristic" "precognition" by bad antivirus software:
If you click on provided link, it will show you message as follows:
"Probably harmless! There are strong indicators suggesting that this file is safe to use."
Detection ratio: 3 / 56

  • two of those are from same "genius" McAfee which is known of fake allerts, and 3rd is from "CAT-QuickHeal", program which is mostly unknown outside of India. Even QuickHeal flagged ExtractNow as "suspicious", not as a virus!
    However, it is OLD report - new one shows:
    Detection ratio: 2 / 57
    Analysis date: 2016-11-23 06:03:27 UTC
    And McAfee and QuickHeal both withdraw their fake report. However, here are new "players" ClamAV and Chinese "Rising", reporting suspected "Win.Trojan.Generic" and - "Malware.Undefined" ???
    Funny thing is that if you check same ExtractNow version without installer, it is not suspected anymore by "Rising", but - now occurs "Invincea", AV that claims that other package of same program is safe, but now it is suspected of "virus.win32.sality.at" ??? "sality.at" - as expired security domain - really???
    So much about it...

There are portable, standalone and installer versions (at main site) of program.
ExtractNow supports drag and drop, and it works flawlessly at all kind of Windows and Linux - through Wine, also does work nicely at WineBottler (Mac).

What is missing in ExtractNow right now is support for some new exotic archive formats, like NanoZip, ZPAQ or FreeArc. But those are mostly experimental or beta versions, and not in wide use.


Best batch extractor

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This is the best free batch extractor I've found so far. I use it on all rars I have. Just watch out when you install it - it bundles toolbars if you don't untick the options.