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Smooth way to get past censorship blocking

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ExpressVPN has been a pretty smooth experience for getting past ISP censorship blocking on Mac & iOS for me..

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ExpressVPN is great, but it is pricey. Since I am not a person who heavily relies on VPN, the option comes inferior compare to what Small NordVPN iconNordVPN offers


jesus christ! R.U.N.!!!

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It seems to me:

  • You can't use the open source OpenVPN software only theirs even on linux!!!
  • they force you to use noname software developed by a nobody and noone can look inside this software only this nobody

""256-bit military-grade encryption "" LOL ... If you see this written that's a proof of their stupidity. Many idiots are using this phrase also such as NordVPN, Super VPN, etc.

This is a catch, are you fool enough to buy it? Avoid "companies" (agencies) like this one!