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Great suggestions for editing

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The core feature of this app is it's thesaurus. Just click on most words and it will recommend several alternatives. For example, once it's analyzed your text you can click on the 'weak words' text and it will highlight the weak words in your document. You can then click on each one and find a good list of alternatives. It has many highlights you can choose from, giving you a great perspective on what you have written. It also gives you a percentage score for each one, to see how often that issue arises.

One big drawback is that it doesn't work for medium sized documents. I tried to paste a 2000 word document in it and it just hangs. Though it's currently in 'beta.'


Being an online tool, I would not expect it to try to analyse 2000 pages all at once! Your web browser will likely run out of memory long before loading more than a few pages, and you most likely would not be able to download said changes in a reasonable amount of time anyway.
Also, if you read the "How to use" page, it clearly states that it's not a good idea to use this tool "blindly" i.e. without reviewing changes. The tool is to help YOU learn to write better, not to simply correct your mistakes.
By the way, I don't know of anyone who can review 2000 pages in the blink of an eye. Try doing one page at a time, reviewing changes and learning as you proceed!

Hi fixitmanarizona,

Shawn's document was 2000 words, not 2000 pages.

Analyzing 2000 pages with a web app would, of course, be ridiculous, like you said.