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Do not buy it

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I am paying customer and I would advise others on looking for other alternatives to Expand Drive because I am not pleased about their business style.

Expand Drive are not aiming to have reliable product or to make easy to raise tickets. You will not find a support link in their application, you have to google a lot to find a place to raise tickets and even after this it can take many days to get a response, even if you do.

You will not find even a link to the company website from the menus or About box.

The only public place where you can find things about ExpanDrive is https://expandrive.uservoice.com

For example SSH (SFTP) mounted drives are silently unmounted after some time (like having your computer resumed after suspend). Still Expand Drive reports the drive as mounted, and you have to press eject on it and plan buttons in order to make it work again.

My impression is this app the the kind of app you would see included in the app-bundles made out of software with questionable usability.


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WebDrive is better alternative

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it has more feature


A great feature list but remains slow and buggy

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The ability to connect to multiple Dropbox, Drive, Onedrive and nearly every other storage platform and have that connection mounted as a drive in Finder is great.

Unfortunately it is not reliable and extremely slow, both the speed in which it transfers the files and the way it brings your Mac to a crawl. I assume it is indexing or something, but it makes it very hard to use.

When you do finally start a transfer, it is a "throw a six to start" process. Will it work? Will it disconnect you half way through? Will the file be corrupt?

To be fair it does work some of the time, but it doesn't work more times than it does.

The key thing that really annoys me is that the developer is working on fixes, but he saves them for paid upgrades. I have gone from original, to a paid upgrade and it was still buggy. When the new version 5 came out, I downloaded the trial and it was still unreliable (though it was better than before)

Happy to pay for new features, not happy to pay to fix the features I originally paid for.


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It's a great idea, being able to quickly and easily mount remote file storage as a local drive. This App is nice in the way it is laid out, and it seems to work fairly well in my usage.

But what I cannot get onboard with is how they drive customers to pay for updates. Rather than what seems to be the industry standard, where Version n users get a prompt or email encouraging them to update to Version n+1, but they can also choose to stay with the current version until its end of support/life. Instead, Expandrive decided to send out an Update via the normal Mac update system, and only to include a bolded line at the top of the information window stating that it was a paid update.

The result?

Expandrive stops working for anyone who does the right thing and agrees to install the Update (or does so automatically), but who hasn't paid for the new licence. And the App doesn't even tell you this - it just stops working.

Personally, I cannot get behind rewarding this underhanded approach of extorting current users and forcing them into updates. So I am just going to keep using the version I am paid up to, and looking at the numeroud alternatives to replace Expandrive in my toolkit.

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Most useless program of such type you can buy. Lots of bugs in Windows version. Copying almost not works. You cant change drive settings if once entered wrong password... and losts of others.


I really WANT to love it, but I just can't. Fir...

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I really WANT to love it, but I just can't.

Firstly the concept is great, the biggest draw for me was the fact you can see all your files without them taking up the space, fantastic! HOWEVER, I have noticed a MAJOR slowdown of the Mac since it has been installed, so much so that I type and have to wait for the screen to catch up at times!

The major issue is that it has not been reliable for me. I keep having it disappear from the top bar, it is constantly syncing files which were edited well over a week ago, so I have been left with NO online backup of them. It is clogging up the rest of the files which are now not also synced.

I have been able to get through to support a few times to try and correct the issue and have spent hours trying to troubleshoot it. It gets fixed, then comes back.

I need something reliable that I can count on to just work! I cannot afford to try and troubleshoot something which shouldn't even be a problem on a weekly basis, it is a great waste of time. I would rather pay more for a reliable service.

It is a real shame.

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Useless app.

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This app is a useless! It's unstable, loses connection after few minutes, doesn't work as expected.