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Fantastic App

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I have been using Excalibur for years. It is an excellent calculator.
Very small footprint, reasonable interface, stand-alone (i.e., keeps out of the windows registry).

The reverse Polish notation actually works the way people.
When you add two numbers you know the numbers in advance and add them.
For example, when you add 3 to 4 you really operate (3, 4)+. This is exactly the way RPN works.
You enter the two numbers then add them.

"Algebraic" notation (as a PhD in Abstract Algebra, I don't like that name) changes the meaning of = from 'equals' to 'do'. Yutch.


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I had use it since 2002 and it is a good calculator. I checked some results against real calculators and never find any error. It runs from windows xp until now on windows 10.