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I love it. Open Source. Easy. Lots of features.

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I love Exaile. One of my favourite music player. It works with Debian 8 Jessie with GNOME 3.14. It's easy to use. Cross-platform. Lightweight. Supports drag and drop of files. 50+ plugins. Lots of features. Such as automatic fetching of album art, lyrics fetching, streaming internet radio, tabbed playlists, smart playlists with extensive filtering/search capabilities, and much more. Also Exaile is more secure because its code is publicly available for review and contributions on GitHub at https://github.com/exaile/exaile

Exaile is well documented for both users and developers at http://exaile.readthedocs.org

Exaile is written using Python and GTK+ and is easily extensible via plugins.

If you're using Linux the package is already included in most repository. So easy to install.

The bad news is if you're using Debian you need to manually install the gstreamer plugins packages for most audio files to play. The maintainer said it's one of the things he might try to address with the next Exaile version 4.0. Source at https://github.com/exaile/exaile/issues/35#issuecomment-294575195


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Better and easier to use than Foobar2000 and AIMP!



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