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Not Yet Mature

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This is still very new, but it has a lot of potential compared to Xfire, Raptr, and other similar software. I would keep a close eye on this, but honestly it doesn't feel like it is better than Raptr yet, but Xfire definitely is worse than it. I would suggest if you like some features of it that Raptr doesn't have, use both until this completely matures, but that's just my opinion in the matter. I foresee this being a huge competitor to both Xfire and Raptr in about a year, so that is why I did not want to use it until then.

It does crash fairly often and has compatibility issues with some programs.

This program has potential from the matchmaking and group systems. This is really the only thing that stood out for me compared to the other software, but not to say the user-interface isn't super-b either. I do consider it to be the best user-interface out of Xfire and Raptr, too.

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Works and has a very nice interface and it is a platform with useful addons.

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Because it lets me join my friends world without being at her house and having mods.


Evovle is good but ...

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Evolve consume a lot of memory, and CPU and its not very compatible with Win xp and also you need Frameword 4 and a lot of files to install


The future of online gaming

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This piece of software is simply what we, gamers, needed. It combines the best of other software like Hamachi, Xfire and is actively developed, has a nice interface and the number of functions is growing within days.

It already has a VPN, party system, friends lists, IM support, matchmaking/searching, game tracking, built-in VoiP, screenshot taker and video recorder, and more. And all these functions, plus chrome-based internet browser, are available through an in-game overlay. You can even select which features you want installed at any moment.

The only feature that's still missing is probably the ability to click on your friends nickname and join the server they are playing, but it's just a mater of time when that's implemented.


The most amazing gaming client ever made...

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Lightweight, has better features compared to Steam, Xfire and Raptr (excluding online store). Supports every game I have thrown at it, record your gameplay, play in a private VPN server/network with friends (just like hamachi), talk to friends with inbuilt VoIP (On par with Skype Quality).... I love this program so much and I only installed it 5 hours ago!!

Get it now, I urge you. You won't be disappointed.


Better then all the rest

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New, small and much better then Xfire as Xfire has become crap now. Also much better then Raptr as it has features like party voice like Xfire does while Raptr does not.
Used for one day and already love it.


Yes We always Remember Evolve for how Great it was..

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**Yes it's Sad that Evolve Got Axed a.k.a Vanished / Died earlier this year 2017 :/ It was nice Social Gaming Platform with some cool features. Was active member there for few years & really sad that it didn't get the funding support it deserved. Gone some years 2 soon. Was good to be in contact with some of it's staff & Wish all the best for the dedicated Evolve Staff :) Now hoping to find alternative & know that Raptr's Gaming Evolved Desktop Client is dying & same for it's website cause no updates there and staff hasn't been replying / being active for 6+ months :/
Kind Regards: Fedaygin


the real reason

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evolve die out because they were working on another project outside the program. we did not like this but they didn't listen. They lost all funding which then ended evolve. We all knew it was going to die out, they were so selfish that they didn't explain what they do wrong. they were so selfish that they are glad they took people's money. Yes there were no refunds to people who donated (they might get sued).

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