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Almost the best

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Evince is my default PDF reader, but still lacks annotations as you can notice by the comments above.
Still, it has great GTK+3.x theme integration, no bloat, and I can read both my big true-pdf files and .cbr comic books flawlessly.
My upvote.



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It was awesome, till they went Gnome3 route and converted it into UGLY looking mess.


Printing problems

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Since Foxit Reader became too bloated I tried other PDF readers and I found Evince and Sumatra very slim and fast.

BUT both have a problem with printing on my pc with Win XP:

Evince quits and crashes when I click print and Sumatra takes 1 minute to start printing one page!

So I switched to another alternative, PDF-XChange, which works very well and is small enough.


Home row

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It is great also that you can use the home row (h, j, k, l), and other useful shortcuts, to move arround


great project but still not ready for prime time

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too many issues:

  • some pdfs are not displayed at all
  • fails to print document approx. 50% of the time
  • window position always resets itself between uses