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Love it. I accidentally came across this one. When I saw the screenshots, I thought I will give it a try. I am very happy that I did. Now I am proud of my phone which I felt like 'meh' earlier. I have tried a few launchers before and I didn't like any. The best part I like was it imported my folder layout from my previous launcher. Like the apps in list view, large icons, and the absence of the home button. And also that this is not very aggressive and works fine without a million permissions. Smaller footprint also is well appreciated. Please, please, please stay this way.


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One of Best Android Launcher i ever used, it also have what's nova launcher didnt have !

  • Auto sort by name
  • Backup and Restore to google accounts
  • Gestures (double tap to wake, etc)
  • Grid or List view toggle on app drawer
  • Hide apps
  • Icon resize
  • Inherit options for dock,dekstop, and app drawers
  • Notification Badges

but it has one weakness :

  • Search bar are not removable

but it doesnt really fatal weakness so i will give it 5 star !


What does it have that Nova doesn't? All of the things you listed Nova Launcher does have, including the possibility to add/remove search bar on the desktop AND on the dock. Also, Evie has very little customization compared to any other major launcher.

well nova is not free such as resize or gestures are only available for prime version