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As I use two languages (Russian and English) it was always a pain to start typing and saw that you are on the wrong layout. So it was always lead to Backspace -> Change layout -> Start typing again. With EveryLang this problem was solved in 98% of such situations. And the cool thing, that if you use some complicated words or abbreviations you just need to double tap the Shift key and program will make an auto rule so it will not change it in future. After some weeks it will know your typing style.

One more exciting feature is Diary. It will log all your keystrokes so if you type some big text and BOOM your text app crash you can recover ALL your writing just with some clicks. Of course, it can be protected by a password.

And my last everyday feature is the Clipboard cache. Everything that you copy to the clipboard can be pasted through a simple menu, so you can paste not the last item, but that you copy 10,20 items ago.