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Its good but they need to add the ability to enter planets.


Best mmorpg game out there

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This is one of the best mmorpg game i have ever played, it's hard in the begining but when you get in to the game it's easy. This game give you a full sandbox experience, there is no limet for what you can do.


Don't forget the passive learning skills outside the game (to achieve max levels in all skills, it'd take several years and thousands of dollars) & the fact that even if you're past the "beginning" (which will take to weeks or months), you're still set back weeks in an instant every time to attempt PVP.

If you like DEEP journeys into frustration, neck beards & ungodly time zone planning, this is your game.

*I did not enjoy myself

Don't get me wrong. Since I've played, lots of features have been added and I approached it in the most difficult and uncomfortable way possible. Do not play EVE safe. If you join a corp and aim for a military career, it can be REALLY awesome. I found playing a ratting miner as the most boring playstyle possible.

Time zones are still problematic but you can avoid it if you just look for a EVE corporation with your country/timezone in mind. Otherwise you will have trouble joining operations/missions with your team mates.

I DO agree with Zatrox, this is one of the BEST MMORPG space-flight simulator out there. Try not to go into it blind folded, you might be disappointed.