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EVA ICS Reviews

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EVA ICS may be a little bit complex for the beginners, as all setup is being made in CLI (I must admit - perfectly made CLI) but as soon as you get used, I must say this software is one of the best on this market.

You can easily build a private IoT cloud, EVA ICS can be upscaled to dozens of nodes and you see all your equipment and logic aggregated on the endpoints you choose. That's just amazing!

Default web interface is not perfect, but if you need to build anything custom or just integrate controls with Grafana or another 3rd party dashboard, it has more than enough, as any block can be embedded.

Very interesting PLC solution - if you need something serious, you just write a "macro" in a slightly modified Python language and that's it.

What can I admit is a security. Nowadays IoT applications just don't have it. However EVA ICS has perfect flexible security model when any API key can be limited to any resource or group.

I would give the software 4 stars due to lack of setup web UI (hope guys will do it very soon), but as it worked on our test plant 3 months in a row with no crashes, I give 5.