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Only Ethervane Echo can store clipboards with 1300 lines

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Only "Ethervane Echo" has an Export-Funktion to very big txt-files:

In difference to "ClipBoard Helper" (max. 300 lines) or Clipboardic this app "Ethervane Echo" works stable, even if the text is very big and has 1 million lines. If you copy a ClipBoard with 1300 lines you see the progress by counting up the lines. In all other ClipBoard-saving apps (incl. the German ClipSave) which I know, the apps loose stability, if a very big text with more than 1000 lines is copied to the clipboard.

Ditto cannot export or save text from the clipboard to txt-files

Ditto only can export to *.dto-files, which you cannot read with a text-editor


Ethervane Echo - something like Ditto, but looks nicer

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The program is bigger, and needs more memory though... There are some features, which ditto has, but this tool not.

If you prefer a nice GUI choose this, if you are a feature freak, choose Ditto.