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Adware everywhere

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• Used to be best file explorer for android until The app was bought by another company and bundled with adwares.


Sinks to new lows

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This app used to be the best. But some time ago it started to go downhill. First it got bloated with functions and sideapps. Then internal ads for those sideapps got pushed onto the user. Then it started to use notifications for ads. And it got progressively worse and worse. I stayed with it, didn't wanna go through the hassle of learning another app.
Today when I opened up the app, it started to play a video. For a second I thought I must've exited it when playing a vid but after a second I realized that this is an ad. That's right. This file explorer app starts up and immediately plays advertising videos. And that's the last straw for me. I will nuke it and I will never get any app from this company again. Horrible.

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I registered to tell that this app should be avoided!! It's crap, full of ads and stuff. Instead, check rather out Amaze File Manager which is open source, free of ads and suspicious activity, and nicely designed. You'll find it in PlayStore, Fdroid, on GitHub and XDA.


A must have!!

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ES file explore is a must have for every body that enjoys there devices. ES file Ex is the only way that i have found to move files "torrents" to my SD card on my Android tablet, make short cuts on my home screen, ES file Ex even has a clean option, access your cloud, I am sure there is more, that I missed.


This no longer applies unfortunately, the app have became adware bloated, unusable and untrusted after it got sold...