Epic Games Store Reviews

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Their main point of advertising to developers is that devs get 88% of the price. Steam, Playstation, and XBox only give devs 70% of the revenue. If you as a consumer care about how much developers make, Humble Bundle Store is still your best bet.
• itch.io - whatever developers wanna give to them
• Humble Bundle - 5% (and 5% to charity) (and they also give you a steam code)
• Epic Games Store - 12%
• GOG - 30%
• Steam - 30%
• Microsoft Store - 30%
• Playstation Store - 30%

Their main selling point to consumers is that they will be giving out a free game every 2 weeks throughout 2019. However, Humble Bundle probably beats them here too considering they have crazy bundles with really good games for $1 or ~5$ if you wanna beat the average and get some extra games. The two games Epic has already announced have already been in a couple Humble Indie Bundles anyways

The only real advantage Epic has over Humble Bundle is that they have more money and will probably be able to get cooler free stuff in the future