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I tried it on my mac. In Mojave, it worked for one day and now I cannot force quit it. I removed the app and am waiting to restart the iMac.

Sigh. It seemed like a good match....


Low forum activity

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The forum activity is quite low, the owners are very slow to respond to problems, and new posts have long delays until they appear in the forum. So I'm not very confident there's much support for this application.

I also noticed there is no updates to their blog.

Since they can't make money, I'm guessing they won't be able to sustain the product, and it will eventually fade. Maybe they'll open source the code.

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I've been using this browser for a while, and the privacy features are great.

**I would keep using it, but there's a quirk that I cannot handle anymore. **

I'm a heavy keyboard shortcut user. Every browser I can think of has a convention for what key combination closes a tab. Epic, however, uses this keyboard combination to close the window, meaning all of the tabs.

Closing the whole window has the same effect as telling the program to quit. Since Epic is a privacy browser, whatever configuration of tabs I had up is just gone.

I accidentally quit Epic pretty much every time I use it. I can't stand it anymore... if you don't use keyboard shortcuts though, I think you'll like it a lot.