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I really want to like and use GPG/PGP and have made multiple attempts over the years to get it working smoothly. But especially in today's world it may not be tenable for many users. If you have have a single email account which you use on a single device, sure. But when you start adding accounts (even worse: aliases) and multiple devices it can become a mess.

Something I didn't realize prior to spending hours trying (and ultimately failing) to get myself set up with email encryption: the only reason it makes sense to do this is if you plan to email people who also have it set up. Which means your contacts must already know about this, or you are going to have to teach them.

For the very narrow slice of people with appropriate use case, perhaps this is useful, but if you want a pragmatic solution go for an email provider that does the work for you like protonmail or tutanota.

(Hopefully information is accurate; I am obviously not an expert and this is just what I have learned. If someone more qualified tells you something contradictory you should believe them.)