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Long-established mobile app for exercise tracking, primarily focusing on GPS-trackable activities. As non-competitive, yet serious cyclist (brave enough to move to the Netherlands and expect blending in,) I enjoy the full range of functionality the app provides, including custom routes, statistical insights, and bragging about how I beat the public transport in Prague.

While the functionality provided in-app and on the web is endlessly wide, the programmatical execution and UI integration has begun to stall since its acquisition by Under Armour, the British sportswear retailer. While the app's potential remains great and standing against competition is stull great, the developer should take action and work on more than just bugfixes.

While the app is freemium, the functionality limitation in free version is not negatively affecting user experience and keeps the most desired features available. Premium plan comes very cheap and enables the user to take more from the data collected during the training, rather than improving the immediate workout itself.

All in all, Endomondo is awesome! But it could be even better. And that's why I will be keeping eye on the competition in the near future.


GPS poor on iPhone, poor integration

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I used Endomondo for many years on iPhone 4,4s and 5s, but became frustrated with poor GPS data interpretation (i.e. a bad data spike and Endo genuinely thought I'd gone supersonic).

It was also difficult to get data in and out of Endo from 3rd party services.

If you're in a good GPS data quality area (i.e. not a dense urban environment) then this is a good app and good service.

I just found it wanting, so switched to iSmoothRun for tracking. Sadly, Endomondo's 3rd party service integration means I can't feed Endo with iSmoothRun, so I ended up using iSmoothRun + RunKeeper & Strava.